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  Church and Resources
  Roman Catholic Church
  Catholic Church - Australia
  Catholic Church in England and Wales
  Catholic Church - France
  Catholic Ireland
  Catholic Church - New Zealand
  Catholic Church - Scotland
  Catholic Church - USA
  Catholic Bishops' Conferences
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Other than RC Churches

  Baptist Union of Great Britain
  Church of England
  Church of Scotland
  Greek Orthodox Church
  Methodist Church, Great Britain
  Russian Orthodox Church in GB and Ireland
  United Reformed Church
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General Resources

  New American Bible
  RSV Bible
  Bible Gateway - search-engine for and text of the Bible (11 versions)
  Readings of the Day's RC Eucharist - U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (New American Bible)
  Readings of the Day's RC Eucharist - Universalis (NT readings are RSV)
  The Text This Week (Scripture and Liturgy index and corresponding Art Concordance)
  Vatican Council II - documents (with search engine)
  Catechism of the Catholic Church (with search-engine)
  Resources -Bible, Prayer, Liturgy, Justice and Peace, Church & Documents, Biographies, R.E., Religious Art
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